GWRRA BC-V Update, December 29th, 2020

Good morning everyone. I have just published the Chapter and District Newsletters and they can be found here:

BC-V Chapter Newsletter:

NWC District Newsletter:

I now find myself asking the question, Is it over? Can I come out from under my bedsheets now? Is it safe? Is 2020 finally over? Well… almost. As much as we’d like 2020 and the pandemic to come to an end, it doesn’t look like we’re quite there yet. It’s true that 2020 is over, but the pandemic lingers and so we will have to continue being careful. Now, you don’t need me telling you to wear a mask, socially distance and wash your hands. You’re all adults. What does worry me though is how we are all doing. We have several members who are getting up there in years and we have another segment who live alone. I hope everyone is reaching out to anyone they think might benefit from the sound of a friendly voice on the other end of the phone. If you haven’t yet, please do so, if you already have done so, please don’t stop. Most importantly, if you’re feeling a little down in the dumps, no matter what the time or date (5 am on the 25th or 11:30 pm on the 31st), call me. I’m serious. I am here and I am available to all of you not as your Chapter Director but as a fellow motorcyclist and friend.

Ok, enough of the bad news, now let’s have some good news. As you know, we’ve been busy working on the up coming ride season plans. I must admit, I’m concerned about whether we’ll be able to hold our Chinese New Year Dinner in February, but Kerry is monitoring the situation and will decide soon. I’m a little more confident regarding the Bare Bones Fish & Chips run in June. Bob always makes this a great day for everyone and we all need some of those great days right now. Bob’s also going to be heading up our ride to Pender Island in July. He’d planned this for 2020, but we all know how that turned out! I’m just polishing off the details of the GOVID ride to Revelstoke, and hope to be opening registration in the first two – three months of 2021. It may seem early, but that’s the time to book accommodations. The District has announced the dates for the Wings in the Cariboo Rally, 22 – 25 Jul and that was a real hit in 2019 so I know many of us are looking forward to doing it again. GWRRA has re-scheduled 2020’s ‘Wing Ding for 29 Jun – 3 Jul and there are also numerous other events for us to look forward to this year such as the Ride for Doug as well as the Thunder Run and Biker Blessing.

It’s true that the future is still uncertain, and nothing is guaranteed, but we are hoping for the best and planning accordingly.

Happy New Year Everyone.

Tony & Jennifer Brooks
GWRRA, BC-V Chapter Directors