GWRRA BC-V Update January 14th, 2021

Hello everyone, Jennifer and I hope you are all well.

So… (never a good way to start an e-mail), the Province has announced that COVID restrictions will continue.  Unfortunately, this means we have had to cancel both our Chinese New Year’s Dinner and January’s Breakfast Meeting.  Sorry folks, but we don’t want to end up like Ontario and Quebec.

The District has decided to cancel their annual Gypsy Run but will still be going ahead with the ‘Wings in the Cariboo Rally.

Even though District has cancelled their Gypsy Run, our Chapter is still planning for the GOVID Ride so we may yet be able to go for a group ride around the province.  Only time will tell.

The weather for this week’s Friday Night Ride doesn’t look horrible.  If anyone is interested in going for a ride, give me a shout.   

Have a good weekend everyone, 

Tony and Jennifer   

Tony Brooks, Chapter Director, GWRRA Chapter BC-V (Victoria),