GWRRA BC-V Update November 12th, 2020

Hello everyone, Jennifer and I hope you are all well.

There’s not much going on with the Chapter this month due to weather and COVID, but I have an important message to pass along.  We’ve all seen that Ontario, Manitoba and even our own lower mainland are almost back to lock-down measures.  Here on the Island we’re back up to 41 cases and everyone’s bubbles are getting smaller (or at least they should be).  These isolation measures are known to have an adverse effect on our emotional well-being.  Which is why I’m asking everyone to take a moment and reach out to another Chapter member this week.  Send someone an e-mail or give them a phone call and chat about whatever comes to mind.  I suspect it will do us all some good.

The weather for this week’s Friday Night Ride doesn’t look very promising, and with the current pandemic situation I can’t in good conscience recommend getting together for a coffee.  So, instead of meeting up at Tim Hortons, I suggesting taking that time tomorrow evening to follow the recommendation above.  Call someone up and have a “virtual” coffee.

On a final note, never forget that I’m here.  At any time, feel free to give me a call or send me an e-mail.  I would enjoy catching up with you.

Have a good weekend everyone.

Tony and Jennifer

Tony Brooks
Chapter Director
GWRRA Chapter BC-V (Victoria) |

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