GWRRA BC-V Update November 26th, 2020

Hello everyone, Jennifer and I hope you are all well.  I must admit, this isn’t the most enjoyable update I’ve ever written.  It’s all about COVID, looking for volunteers, bad weather and more COVID.  I’d much rather be taking you all on a ride than sending you this.  Apologies in advance!

It saddens me to say that we should be looking forward to our Chapter Christmas Dinner next Friday, however, due to COVID, it won’t be happening.  Let’s hope this time next year, things are back to normal and we can enjoy each other’s company again.

Next week both the Chapter and District Newsletters for December should be coming out.  If you have a look at the District Newsletter, you’ll see that they are trying to fill a couple of positions on the District Team.  A Sales & Marketing coordinator and a Retention & Recruitment Coordinator.  Either of these two positions could easily be filled by someone working remotely, here from the Island.  I’m asking everyone to give it some thought and perhaps volunteer.  While we’re on the topic of volunteering, there are a few positions within our own Chapter that need filling.  Specifically, the Rider Education Coordinator.  If you think you might like to help the Chapter out with this, I’d love to hear from you.  Finally, there are two other positions, that I’d like everyone to think about.  I’ve been the Chapter Director for coming up on three years now and I’ve been writing the newsletter for much longer.  If anyone amongst you thinks you might like to take one of these responsibilities off of my shoulders, it would be greatly appreciated.

The weather for this week’s Friday Night Ride doesn’t look very promising, and with the current pandemic situation I can’t in good conscience recommend getting together for a coffee.

Have a good weekend everyone, or at least the best you possibly can.

Tony and Jennifer

Tony Brooks
Chapter Director
GWRRA Chapter BC-V (Victoria) |

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